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State-owned enterprises to become global mining M & A "main force" risk

The global mining industry remains in the doldrums, the sudden emergence of a Mining M & A "buyers". The statistics show that in 2012 China became the country with the largest acquisition, trading a total of 147 cases, the total amount of $ 21.7 billion, ranking first in the global. 2012 global mining and metals industry completed a total of 941 transactions with a total value of $ 104 billion, compared with 2011 decreased by 7% and 36% from the previous "100% acquisition based on a minority stake in the investment and greater integration and operation. It is understood that the state-owned enterprises re-mining mergers and acquisitions as the role of the "main force". Agency statistics, in accordance with the acquisition by "non-traditional" transactions in 2012 involving Chinese companies mining M & A, although the number of transactions of state-owned background acquirer is less than 20%, but the value of involving more than 70%. In China Mining M & A transactions in 2012 the top ten, including Yanzhou Mining Group, Shandong Iron and Steel Group, China Minmetals Corporation, China Nuclear Power Holding, Jinan Iron and Steel, China Daye Non-Ferrous Metals such as state-owned enterprises fully in the column. It is noteworthy that in 2013 China Mining Investment M & A momentum remains strong, global mining M & A will heat up in 2013, gold, coal, copper, iron ore and other energy minerals is still the most popular of mergers and acquisitions. The main reason people in the industry believe that: resources for the long-term safety considerations; affected by the economic crisis, the global mining since 2008 has been in the doldrums, mining lower valuation. Shougang Hierro Peru, CITIC Group, Western Australia, magnetite, Steel acquired the project of the the Australia central and western mining companies have suffered great risk. The momentum of world economic recovery is not obvious from the current situation did not improve, mineral and other commodity prices continued to decline in momentum, the Chinese enterprises in the investing heavily in mining projects may be staggered with the market cycle for some time, may face risk.