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Dividends from state-owned enterprises from the point of view, the contribution is not enough

In the analysis of China's state-owned enterprises, the researchers always think, the actual control of the state-owned power is too strong, and the monopoly power of the state-owned enterprises have, the Chinese market is very unfavorable to the development. But the state-owned enterprises for similar criticisms are not agree, they think, state-owned enterprises play an important role in the Chinese economy. Despite the employment, not to talk about the contribution to GDP growth, the number of enterprises and other basic hard targets, in the on state taxes, the state-owned enterprise's contribution is also very limited. The Ministry of Finance submitted to this year's NPC and CPPCC budget report, in 2012 the central state-owned capital operating income 97083000000 yuan, spending 92979000000 yuan. Among them, the central enterprises to social security expenditure 439000000 yuan, holding income supplement social security fund expenditure of 1721000000 yuan of reduction of state-owned stocks, transferred to public finance budget for social security and other livelihood expenditure of 5000000000 yuan. Summary the above several, central state-owned assets management for the amount of social security and other livelihood expenditure was 7160000000 yuan, accounting for 7.7% of the total expenditures. If the central enterprises social security deductions from that part of the people's livelihood expenditure, it accounted for only about 7.2%. What these numbers mean? In 2012 the central enterprises to pay dividends only less than 8% for the people's livelihood expenses, most of the benefits for scientific and technological innovation, energy-saving emission reduction projects, subsidies, reform and difficulty-relief of state-owned economy and the adjustment of industrial structure and other reasons to return to the central enterprises internal. In this case, request to improve the state-owned enterprises especially the central enterprises the proportion of dividends, bonuses and more state-owned enterprises into the public finance budget for the people's livelihood has, in recent years more and more. The NPC and CPPCC, NPC deputies, Shanghai Fushen Assessment Advisory Group Chairman Fan Yun said, "hold the monopoly resources central enterprises pay less, leakage over how many? As a representative, I asked the central enterprises, state-owned capital accounted for? Hand in the state-owned capital operating income, into the fiscal budget expenditure management and how much? These data should correspond to see, this account has not been?" A member of the CPPCC National Committee, vice chairman of the China Democratic National Construction Association Zhou Hanmin said, to raise the profit delivery ratio should not delay, "the state-owned enterprises by the national investment enterprise, the property rights for all the people, its operating income is supposed to be shared by all." Throughout the world, the state-owned enterprises to pay dividends ratio reached 20% - 25% is the basic requirements, general requirements up to 1/3. China's current level of SOE dividends, whether it is compared and the long-term advantage of the country and the people's expectations, compared and state-owned enterprises should bear the social responsibility, there is a big gap. If you do not increase the proportion of dividends, the superiority of the socialist system will not be conducive to reflect. Therefore, Zhou Hanmin suggested: "one-time international basic level of SOE dividends proportion increased to 25%, the dividend all into account of social security fund."