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Effect of policy in China is "essential"?

The institutional reform of the State Council and the function transformation program in March 10th officially disclosed, before the market calls for the development and Reform Commission has not been included in the list to reform. In this regard, deputy director of the central office Wang Feng said, some agencies have the character of our country, in western countries, it is not necessary, but here we missed, and the role of play very well, such as the development and reform commission. In his opinion, the national development and Reform Commission this mechanism as an important macro-control departments, although we are now on the development and Reform Commission problem more, the NDRC said tube too much, too much power, too concentrated, I think this point is reasonable, it is also based on this problem. He thinks, the reform, development and Reform Commission changing functions of the task is still arduous, and requirements of the policy change the functions of the last round of reforms to higher. Some inside the function transformation, the first is to reduce and the decentralization of investment approval, if the implementation of this article, the development and Reform Commission on the administrative examination and approval items have good reason, in accordance with the requirements, which the delegation, which cancel. But this mechanism basically is a target for all, become the focus of contradictions, I say the truth, it is not easy for development and Reform Commission, the task is very heavy, staff are very hard, work overtime. Development and Reform Commission is in state organs is one of the most functions. Two words, the first task is to transform the function, the Commission is very heavy, heavier than the general department. Excessive concentration, at present we reflect the power of examination and approval matters too much and so on these, the problem is existence, is based on this point, the Commission should further change the functions, and the function transformation efforts will be a little larger. Second, the national development and Reform Commission play a role to give the full affirmation. In the view of researchers, how to treat the Commission's role, not only have no function plays a role, but to look at the long-term impact on the Chinese market as a whole and role. In this regard, the national development and Reform Commission reform should continue to promote, function should be adjusted.