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In February China's import growth shows weak economic recovery pattern

The General Administration of customs data released in March 8th showed, in 1 and February, China's trade surplus of 277820000000 yuan ($44150000000) over the same period last year, the trade deficit of $4780000000. In February, China exported 875120000000 yuan ($139370000000), an increase of 21.8%; imports of 778970000000 yuan ($124120000000), down 15.2% yoy. According to customs statistics, from 1 to February, China exported 2.05 trillion yuan ($326730000000), an increase of 23.6%; imports of 1.78 yuan ($282580000000), an increase of 5%. Analysts said, in a low base effect of Spring Festival dislocation pushing and further economic recovery in the United States, the global trend of improvement of effective demand growth, steady growth in exports in February. The concern is, in February China's import growth fell to 15.2%, lowest level in nearly 13 months. He thinks, international commodity prices down superposition of a new round of RMB passive appreciation, is the main reason of the import growth rate in February year-on-year negative growth. On the one hand, the American economic situation improves driving the dollar index strong influence, the international bulk commodity prices dropped significantly, lower the amount of imports; on the other hand, the recent yen, pound sterling, international currency, the RMB is facing a new round of passive appreciation pressure. The appreciation of the RMB exchange rate to reduce the price of imported goods in a certain degree, leading to the February import year-on-year negative growth. The personage inside course of study points out, even after the season after adjustment, import data also appears to lack of stamina, which confirms the current domestic economic weak recovery pattern.