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Company Dynamic

Together to create a better tomorrow

In February 2, 2013, we held the annual meeting, staff meeting Yang combined company main leadership to the hard work of a year of expressed heartfelt thanks and send the best wishes for the new year. Then the total Yang made a wonderful speech: in his speech, Yang will be the first to staff a year to work, advanced worker is representative of many outstanding. The company emerged in many outstanding employees, in the joint efforts of all staff, the company also seeking development in stability; second general yang to operation and in 2013 2012 the tasks are briefly analyzed, and "hard, hard, hope" six words summed up the year 2012 and the present situation of the company the, also pointed out the direction for the work in 2013. Third General Yang proposed future work requirements, the first is to establish a unity in the workforce, and is benefit to the management, finally play the political work advantage. Yang's speech comprehensive and inspiring, he put forward the "our goal is not to seek to do one hundred, but for the last one hundred years!" Let us unite all the staff, for the goal together!
2012 is a special year, in this year, although the company by the industry climate impact, gone through a difficult process, but in the joint efforts of all staff, the fourth quarter operating production bottoming. During this period, we pay close attention to basic management work, the emergence of many advanced characters. For example, to encourage the advanced, title, 11 advanced worker worker Association awarded the selection out they are: Yang Xingfu, Zhang Chao, Ma Pengfei, Jiang Jinlai, Meng xian-jun, Kazu Wen, Cai Enfu, Yue Ming, Qiu Fuhua, Tian Fengyu, Tang dimension